Sewage Pump

WQ Non-Blade Sewage Pump
The WQ Non-Blade sewage pump is ideal for handling wastewater and sewage in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. It features a non-clogging impeller that ensures smooth operation even with solids and fibrous materials, making it perfect for septic tanks, small sewage systems, and drainage pits.

Each of these sewage pumps offers specialized features to address specific wastewater management challenges, ensuring optimal performance and reliability across a wide range of applications


Model WQ Non-Blade
Flow Rate 100 m³/h
Head 15 meters
Power 5.5 kW
Efficiency 75%
Solid Handling Capacity 35 mm
Material Cast iron
Motor Protection IP68 with thermal overload protection


Flow Rate 100 cubic meters per hour, suitable for medium-scale sewage applications.
Head Capable of lifting sewage up to 15 meters, ideal for typical residential and commercial setups.
Power Consumption Requires 5.5 kW, balancing performance and energy efficiency.
Efficiency Operates at 75% efficiency, ensuring effective energy use.
Solid Handling Can handle solids up to 35 mm in diameter, preventing clogging.
Durability Constructed with cast iron, providing robustness and longevity.
Protection Equipped with IP68 and thermal overload protection to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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