About Us

Taidi Corp is an official brand manufacturer from our factory located in China named Zhejiang Taidi Pump, Co. Ltd that supply a wide range of submersible pumps and other submersible types to customers from different parts of all over the world.

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Taidi Corp offers deep well submersible pumps and sewage submersible pumps as their main products in the catalogue. We produce these submersible pumps with High Quality materials and with a professional QC system supported by Italian technology.

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Our Services

Taidi Corp offers custom Deep Well and Sewage Pumps for unique needs, ensuring top performance. Clients can personalize pumps with logos, colors, and packaging, maintaining high-quality standards.

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To be a global leading brand in innovative, reliable & efficient of all types of submersible pump solutions, empowering industries and communities to achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence.


1. Innovation & Quality 
2. Customer Centric Solutions 
3. Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility 
4. Global Reach & Local Impact 
5. Continuous Improvement & Learning 
6. Ethical Business Practices


We continuously seek to improve and innovate in our product offerings.


Professionalism aligns with Taidi Corp’s other core values such as quality & innovation. It reinforces the company’s commitment to these values by ensuring that they are reflected in every action and decision.


We prioritize high standards in most of our submersible products.

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